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2009 April 5
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Let’s talk Terrier… Info for dog lovers around the world.

The True Earth Dogs…

Happiest in the earth.

Happiest in the earth.

The very name Terrier comes from the word Terra which is latin for earth. Developed to dig in riverbanks and badger holes for vermin, they truly live up to their name. You are looking for information about these incredible breeds of dog. You may already own one or you owned one when you were young. You may be looking for the right dog for your family.

The right puppy is the perfect companion for a child. Of all early learning experiences raising a puppy can be one of the most character building if handled in the right way by the parent. There is nothing like having the responsibility of caring for another living creature. Raising a puppy also teaches a child that he is not the center of the universe.

We will give you complete information about these rambunctious, intelligent, sometimes unbelievably stubborn and lovable dogs… Read more